Three years after the first smart parking lot was launched in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital boasts the first e-Parking system. This is a welcome move considering that the Belgrade’s traffic jams are turning into a major infrastructure problem. In addition to that, the e-Parking complements other e-Government transition efforts of the Belgrade City Administration towards embedding Smart City modernisation.

The new e-Parking system offers flexibility to both the city’s Parking Service (“Parking Servis”) and drivers. As of now, drivers will be receiving Electronic Daily Parking Tickets (eDPT) for failing to pay parking tickets in the zoned areas, as opposed to former traditional method with daily parking tickets being attached to cars’ windshield.

However, transition from the traditional to the new method has been envisaged during the first month of launching the e-Parking system. The Parking Service will be informing citizens about the eDPT  by attaching a notice to windshields offering an opportunity to pay tickets via

The new parking App is also scheduled to become available soon.

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