Industrial Robots

According to the International Federation of Robotics, the annual global robotics turnover has almost reached $50 billion in 2019. This figure refers to robot systems including software & peripherals.

As an illustration, the number of robotic units is likely to grow +12% on average per year from 421,000 in 2019 to 584,000 units in 2022. This projection is likely to be altered considering the current Covid-19 related demands and post-pandemic scenarios.

The largest market will be Asia, with Europe and North America lagging behind with key industries being Automotive, Electronics & Metals.

What Will Be the Key Drivers for Adoption of Robots in the Future

The game-changer is, of course, Covid-19 and pretty much everything related to it.

The future of industrial robots is closely linked with machine learning that enable robots to learn by trial-and-error, to self-optimise and to communicate with other machines to significantly improve entire processes. The other driver will be new business models, in particular now during and after the pandemics.

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