Digital Takeover Summit

The power of digitalization is immense. The sooner we harness it, the better for (all of) us.

Why Netflix almost quadrupled its valuation within six months?

How their approach to innovation got them where they are now.

Is mass adoption of blockchain technology realistic at this moment?

What should we know about the future of fintech?

Is e-Estonia reaping the fruits it promised?

Make the Most of the Digital Takeover Summit

The Corona crisis has many downsides, but there are many upsides including free of charge participation at major digital conferences. One of the largest regional innovation and transformation gatherings – also free of charge – is Digital Takeover summit.

Digital Takeover summit is a handy opportunity for digital practitioners to learn more about artificial intelligence, the major digital dilemmas we all face today, explore avenues of digital transformation, and learn about smart city solutions already in use and those that seem too distant.

Register for free and learn more about some of the best digital practices from all corners of the world from 7 to 11 September 2020. 

With a free ticket of the virtual edition of Digital Takeover you’ll get:

  • Free access to more than 24 hours of the program
  • Livestream of lectures during the summit &
  • All other lectures recorded during the summit.


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