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Smart city news & trends section is designed to bring smart city solutions and trends from around the world to your attention. Partly because climate change is so severely affecting many places, and partly to make things easier for the citizens and cheaper for city administrations. Smart city trends are music to investors’ ears.

Smart city entirely run by AI

Did you know that China has 500 smart city projects underway? Some of them are truly mesmerising. For example, a campus-style smart city in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing entirely run by AI. The idea is simple, at least in theory. The project named Cloud Valley, plans to use sensors and wifi-connected devices to gather data on everything from weather and pollution to people’s eating habits to automatically meet residents’ needs

Singapore’s eco-smart city solution

Smart City News & Trends - Tengah - Singapore eco-smart city solutionThe eco-town of Tengah will be a new settlement built by Singapore’s government.  The ‘forest town’ will boast 42,000 new homes, all with centralized cooling, automated trash collection and a car-free town centre, which conservationists hope offers a roadmap for slashing carbon emissions in the Southeast Asian city-state.

The key idea behind Tengah is to create a safe environment for all by freeing up ground level totally for pedestrians while pushing roads, parking and utilities beneath the town centre. Several smart city types of novelties will be introduced including reimagined air-conditioning systems based on chilled cold water by solar power, reducing urban heat island effect, introducing smart lights that switch off when nobody is around and storing trash centrally by sucking garbage through the pneumatic system to a chamber that serves several blocks.

Smart city market trends by 2026

Smart city news & trends According to the Research and Markets report smart city development contributes massively to the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Connected Devices, Broadband Wireless, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Analytics. Some stunning figures have been announced:

  • Global AIoT market will reach $81.5B by 2026, growing at 37.2% CAGR
  • Global market for IoT data as service solutions will reach $9.3B USD by 2026
  • 5GNR market for private wireless in industrial automation will reach $5.2B by 2026
  • Embedded AI software and systems in support of IoT will surpass $9B globally by 2026
  • Machine learning in edge computing will be key to realize the full potential of IoT analytics
  • Successful smart cities will be dependent on intelligent integration of 5G, AI, edge computing, and Io

“The Line” – Green Smart City project

Saudi Arabia plans to build a green smart city high-tech metropolis stretching 170 kilometres near the borders of Jordan, Isreal and Egypt. The Line is a radical idea of a green smart city that has no streets and no cars, resulting in zero-carbon emissions. The smart infrastructure is estimated to cost around $200 billion.

The Line – also called NEOM – will preserve 95% of the natural environment despite the fact that will be able to house a million residents. The project is projected to create 380,000 jobs and add $48 billion to Saudi Arabia’s gross domestic product by 2030.

India’s Smart City Comes to Kerala

Dubai’s Brixton Group will set up a futuristic and state-of-the-art industrial smart city in the Indian state of Kerala. It will be set up near Kalamssery, Kochi, over 30 acres of land.

Slated to be completed by 2023, the project will have five business verticals, namely smart mall, business centre, convention centre, smart warehouse and an international academy.

WEF launches the Global AI Action Alliance

The World Economic Forum has launched The Global AI Action Alliance to maximize the societal benefits of AI. The alliance is “a new multi-stakeholder collaboration platform and project incubator designed to accelerate the adoption of inclusive, trusted and transparent AI globally and across industry sectors.”

The alliance provides a platform for members from 100+ top global companies, governments, scholars and civil society to engage in real-time learning, pilot new approaches to ethical AI, scale adoption of best practices, and undertake collective action to ensure that AI’s benefits are shared by all.

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