Why SmartBalkans.com?

Because we are driven by smart people creating smart solutions with a focus on the Western Balkans.

Smart Balkans About

Many examples of smart people and teams making smart solutions are the best sources of inspiration to innovative people and entrepreneurs-to-be. Yet, they remain hidden locally or nationally and never reach wider audiences.

One of the reasons is so simple: smart people tend to lack the key skill at the beginning of 2020ies: effective communication.

Who is behind it?

Smart Balkans is an initiative launched by enthusiasts based in the region. We know the region, we have the experience and we are happy to share what we know with others.

What is the aim?

We want to promote smart solutions that could help others ‘steal & replicate’ similar principles. By ‘smart’ we mean anything from smart business models to innovation to education to manufacturing and smart cities.

Doing Things Smart


Get in touch via: info@smartbalkans.com